The #1 Upsell Machine

Turn your Salesforce into an Upsell & Cross-Sell Machine, fueled with Product data.
Our customers see a 24% NRR increase on average.

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The smart layer between your Customer Data and Salesforce

Detect Qualified Upsell Opportunities at the right moment

Use our best-in-class scoring as a radar to spot your next upsell targets

Focus your upsell team on the customers with the most revenue potential

Engage your customers with the right message

Close more deals with the right hunting insights directly in your Salesforce

Connect your CS and AM team to usage stats to achieve true customer centric selling

No frictions guaranteed


Easy set up and integration
Connect your Product, CRM, and Marketing data in minutes. No engineers required.


Integrated into your tools and workflow
It's not another tool your team will have to adopt, just stay in Salesforce, and we make it smarter.


Evolves and grow with your business
Spend more time on what matters and no time maintaining your stack. Matcha evolves with your product and GTM strategy.

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We keep your data safe

SOC 2 - Type 2 compliant and certified
GDPR Compliant

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